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Benefits of a pressure-treated shed or workshop

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What is pressure treatment? 

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Wonkee Donkee Forest Garden's wooden shed bases and many sheds, log stores and workshops are pressure-treated with Osmose Naturewood preservative.

This is a powerful water-based coating which contains copper and organic biocides (chemical substances that kill parasites), providing long-term protection against rot, fungus and insects. 

After the timber has been cut up and dried at the sawmill, it is placed in a special treatment cylinder and any remaining moisture is sucked under vacuum conditions out of the wood cells.

Preservative is then forced into the timber at high pressure and absorbed into the grain so that every cell is permeated - becoming, in effect, an integral part of the wood.

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A decorative dye is added at the same time to make sure that every panel looks the same. The wood takes on a light green tinge which will gradually fade to a honey brown, then a silver colour.

There is no need to worry about the preservative becoming less effective as the colour fades - this is only due to the dye and will not affect the protective qualities of the pressure treatment.


What are the advantages? 



Pressure-treated timber is extremely well protected against the elements, and will last for many years. This is especially valuable if the shed is in direct contact with the ground, where it will be more susceptible to damp. 

We have a large selection of pressure-treated garden buildings, ranging from a compact 4X3 sentry-type model up to a spacious 8X12 workshop with double doors and six windows.

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Low maintenance

Wonkee Donkee Forest Garden's pressure-treated sheds and pressure-treated workshops are guaranteed against rot for 15 years and will not normally require re-coating with preservative during that time, saving you time and effort.



Although a pressure-treated shed may initially be more expensive than a dip-treated one, over the course of the 15-year guarantee period you'll save around £150 in treatment costs.

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Many people like the natural green look of pressure-treated sheds - but if you're not one of them, the smooth matt surface will allow you to easily paint over or stain the timber at any time (including straight after purchase) to match the colour scheme in your garden.

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Wonkee Donkee tip:

If you cut pressure-treated timber during or after erecting your shed, remember to coat the ends with a suitable preservative to re-seal the wood and protect it from moisture, mould and insect attack.

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Special Note:

Wonkee Donkee would like to thank Edward for his interest in the importance of pressure treating timber to prevent rotting and preserve the timber.
It is always a good idea to research how to do things before you do them and also find out what is available. Finding out about pressure treating timber means that you can now make sure that you buy the correct shed and since pressure treated sheds will last a good 15 years without further treatment, you will save lots of money on the cost of treating it year after year. On average, you could save around £1000 over 15 years of not having to buy wood treatment and pay someone half a day to paint it!

Edward, keep up the good work. You can make a difference!

Best wishes from the Wonkee Donkee Team.

  We have a wide range of pressure-treated sheds and workshops to choose from. To find out more, take a look at this short video on tongue & groove sheds by manufacturers Forest Garden.       
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