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Forest Garden Gazebos 

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Gazebos have become more and more popular in recent years. A well-designed gazebo will provide an elegant architectural feature for your garden and help you make the most of your outside space. It will shade you from the sun, shelter you from the rain and provide a private refuge for relaxing, entertaining and al fresco dining.

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What's the difference between a gazebo, a pergola and an arbour?


There's a certain amount of overlap between these three types of garden feature. A gazebo is a substantial stand-alone building, often hexagonal or octagonal in shape, with a roof.

Its sides are usually left partly or fully open to allow a wide view of the garden. Many gazebos include integral floors, latticework side panels and fitted seating for a homely feel. 

  Diagram of Burford gazebo  
  Diagram of Ultima Pergola kit  

A pergola is a large, much more open structure. It may be freestanding or attached to a house wall, and is designed mainly to provide a framework for outdoor dining and relaxation.

There are upright supporting posts and flat or curved overhead rafters to encourage climbing plants, although some may have a slatted roof for greater protection from the weather.


An arbour can take many forms, but the most popular type consists of a wooden bench seat with either a slatted or solid back, and trellised sides which can support climbing plants.

Like the gazebo and pergola, it is designed as a pleasant place to sit and admire the view. However, an arbour is considerably smaller, making it ideal for more compact gardens.

  Diagram of Sienna arbour  

Which type of gazebo is best?

  Burford gazebo  

If you're keen to grow climbing plants around the walls of your gazebo or would simply like to let in as much sunlight as possible, you might prefer a model with a largely open design. The Burford Gazebo has elegant latticework on three sides to support climbers, so you can surround yourself with fragrance on summer evenings. The other three sides are mainly open, maximising your view over the garden, while the solid timber roof and integral floor provide protection against the worst of the weather.


Do you like the look of gazebos but don't have enough room in your garden? The Burford Half Arbour could be the answer.

With a solid tongue and groove roof, diamond-shaped latticework sides, integral floor and built-in seating, it incorporates most of the design features of a typical gazebo but takes up only around half the space, so is perfect for a shallow plot. 

  Burford half arbour  
  Arden gazebo  

If you want privacy from the neighbours or somewhere sheltered to sit on a windy day, consider a more enclosed structure such as the Arden Gazebo. As three of its six sides are made of solid timber, it offers more protection against the elements.

There will still be a great view of the garden, but if the breeze turns chilly you'll have the option of retreating further inside instead of being forced to flee back to the house.


At 358cm (about 11'9") wide, the traditional Burford Pavilion offers plenty of space and is ideal for entertaining. There are three solid rear panels for privacy and shelter, lattice sides ideal for climbing plants, an integral timber floor and five built-in benches.

Two decorative balustrades at the front add a stylish touch without blocking out your view of the lawn, while the wooden tongue and groove roof will keep out the rain.

  Burford pavilion  

What other gazebos are currently available?

The gazebo range Forest Garden introduced as new in 2018 is called the Round Timber Gazebo range. A stunning range of hand build timber structures made at the M & M Timber site in Worcester. This range has 7 sizes of gazebo, including 4 hexagonal gazebos, 2 premium oval / hexagonal gazebos  and a square gazebo

New for 2018 a range of gazebos that have been hand built in the UK

Because these gazebos are hand built to order we can offer more option for each type of gazebo. Each of the 7 gazebos has a choice of 3 roof type; Country Thatch, Traditional Timber, or New England Cedar roofs. The Traditional Timber and New England Cedar roofs have a waterproof Tricoya lining, while the Country Thatch roofs have water-proof, heavy duty canvas linings that are available in either green, terracotta or cream. These gazebos also have a selection of bench seats that fit them perfectly

The options available for roofs of the new range of gazebos

What are the gazebos made from?  


All our gazebos are made from a mix of high-quality softwoods that have been pressure treated for long life and low maintenance and come with a 15 year anti-rot guarantee. This means you can start using your gazebo straight away, without having to first apply preservative. To find out more about pressure treatment see our section: Forest Garden Timber Treatment and Guarantee.


Will the gazebo be supplied pre-built?


Your gazebo will be delivered flat packed along with detailed installation instructions and all fixings. With the help of a friend and some basic tools, you should be able to build it in a few hours. Alternatively, for a small extra outlay, an assembly service is available for most models.


 Can you put the gazebo on grass?


Experts at Forest Garden advise against placing your gazebo on the lawn, as this kind of surface will be too soft and unstable to support such a heavy structure. Site the gazebo on a strong, level base made of concrete, paving slabs or compacted gravel to ensure years of trouble-free enjoyment. 

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A gazebo can make a big difference to the look of your garden, so it's a decision that needs some careful thought. To find out more, have a look at this short introductory video from manufacturers Forest Garden.

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