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Benefits of a shiplap shed or workshop

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Robust design

  Shiplap boards  

The walls of shiplap sheds and workshops are made from planks which have been planed and shaped so that each board slots into the next with an interlocking tongue and groove joint, making the shed much stronger and more rigid than an overlap design. They are available with either a pent or an apex roof shape.


High quality

  The timber is slow-grown for extra strength, then cut into boards and kiln-dried to reduce the moisture content quickly and evenly. This makes the wood more stable and helps to prevent it warping and shrinking later on.

Most of the timber used by Forest Garden is grown on British plantations and processed in their own sawmills. 

  Wood drying in kiln  


  Shiplap wall close-up  

In addition to interlocking joints, shiplap boards have an extra lip, or channel, between each panel that helps rain to run off more quickly.

This makes them doubly waterproof and helps prevent draughts, making the building usable in all seasons - a particular selling point if you're thinking of getting a workshop.

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  Shiplap buildings are typically made of pine, which is an attractive and renewable wood that is easy to shape and cut.

The timber is planed to a smooth finish, making it easy to paint over or coat with a coloured preservative if desired.

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  Shiplap shed interior  

Shiplap walls tend to be thicker than overlap ones and are more solidly constructed, giving better insulation and a longer lifespan.

If you're intending to spend a lot of time in your shed or workshop for hobbies, gardening or DIY purposes, this type would be a sound choice.

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  The interlocking design of shiplap walls means the boards can't easily be prised off from outside, helping to protect your garden building against thieves as well as the weather.   Shiplap workshop  
  For more information you might like to take a look at Forest Garden's short video explaining the ins and outs of their shiplap sheds and workshops.       
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