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Benefits of an overlap shed or workshop

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Classic design

  Traditional overlap shed  

Overlap, also known as feather edge, is the classic style of cladding for garden sheds and workshops, with an attractively traditional look.

The walls are made up of horizontal overlapping wooden boards which form a series of sloping surfaces running down the sides of the shed. 

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Rain resistant

  The boards are nailed at intervals to vertical beams that form the framework of the shed.

This simple but effective design allows rain to flow down the face of one board onto the one below, like tiles on a house roof, so water doesn't have a chance to soak into the wood. 

  Overlap shed wall diagram  

Rustic appeal

  Overlap shed with rustic appearance   The boards are rough-sawn, giving the building a natural, rustic appearance that enables it to blend well into most traditional garden settings without being too obtrusive. The roof may have either a pentapex or reverse apex  design.    


  Overlap sheds and workshops are made of (mostly British) softwoods whereas shiplap tongue and groove sheds are usually made of pine, which is more expensive.

Because overlap structures are less costly to produce the selling price tends to be lower, making them an attractive option for buyers on a budget.

  Reverse apex overlap shed  

Wide choice

  Three styles of overlap shed   The popularity of overlap sheds in the UK has encouraged manufacturers to continue producing a huge range of different styles and sizes, ranging from narrow, low-cost sentry-type models to spacious workshops with ample scope for DIY, hobbies or large-scale storage.    
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Easy assembly


The straightforward design makes assembly relatively simple, yet still results in very stable and secure garden buildings.

It is also an easy job to replace individual boards if any get damaged, even for those with little DIY experience.

  Assembling shed  


  Overlap shed wall close-up   The loose overlapping nature of the boards means the timber is able to expand and contract naturally during extremes of temperature, reducing the likelihood of cracking and warping.     

Good ventilation


Unlike the tongue and groove design, overlap walls don't form a closed seal, so these sheds and workshops may be a little draughty in cold weather.

However, this also helps them stay well ventilated, keeping mould and rot at bay.

  Overlap shed interior  
  To find out more about Forest Garden's range of overlap garden buildings, have a look at these short videos explaining the merits of their pressure-treated and dip-treated overlap sheds and workshops.      
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