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Forest Garden Greenhouses and Glasshouse

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A well-designed wooden greenhouse can make an attractive garden feature as well as a practical place for cultivating flowers, vegetables and fruit, enabling you to extend the growing season. We stock several sizes, as well as cold frames, a mini greenhouse and a superb Victorian style glasshouse.

All the timber has been pressure treated, so it won't need any preservative and is guaranteed against rot for 15 years. You can paint or stain it if you wish, or enjoy its natural colouring. 


  Benefits of a timber greenhouse


There are several reasons to choose a timber greenhouse over a metal one:

  • A wooden greenhouse has a pleasantly traditional appearance and will blend easily into the garden, whereas a metal structure will always stand out

  • Timber insulates more effectively than aluminium, so the greenhouse will cost less to heat

  • Wood is heavier than aluminium, so the structure will feel more stable and secure

  • Pressure-treated timber is low maintenance, highly resistant to rot and will last for many years - with no danger of rust

  Vale 6x4 greenhouse  

Where should you put the greenhouse?     

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Aim to place your greenhouse in a sheltered spot on firm, well drained ground where it will get plenty of sun. Ideally the longest side should face south.

Ensure the door faces away from the prevailing wind, and avoid putting the greenhouse under trees as they will block light and could also damage the roof in windy weather.

For convenience, it's a good idea to position the greenhouse near an outside tap and source of electricity.


What base do you need for a greenhouse?


The base is very much down to personal preference. Some gardeners like to have a soil base, perhaps with a paved path down the middle, so they can grow large plants such as tomatoes straight out of the earth. However, this can cause damp and condensation, as well as encouraging slugs and other pests.

Compacted gravel is another common option. Paving slabs are a popular choice and will work well as long as you're careful to get them absolutely level. See our guide: How to lay a paving slab base to find out more. You could also consider using concrete (see: How to lay a concrete base), bricks or wooden decking. 

  Greenhouse with paving slab base  
  Large greenhouse  

Vale greenhouse

Made from high quality pressure-treated softwood, our traditional timber-framed greenhouses will look good in any garden and give many years of service.

The Vale range comes in three sizes, with the largest, 10x 8 model having double doors for easy access.  


Many greenhouses at the cheaper end of the market are fitted with standard horticultural glass, which is thin, breaks very easily and has a tendency to splinter into razor-sharp shards.

However, all three Vale greenhouses are glazed with 4mm thick toughened glass. This is much stronger than horticultural glass and is also safer, as it will disintegrate under pressure instead of shattering into jagged pieces.

  Greenhouse glass  
  Vale greenhouse 8x6  

The Vale greenhouse is also available in 8x6 and 6x4 versions, both of which have a single door. All three sizes include potting shelves, opening roof windows with automatic vents to encourage airflow, and high quality ironmongery on the doors and windows.

The greenhouses are delivered and assembled at your home, potentially sparing you hours of effort and ensuring a professional finish.



This supremely elegant Victorian style glasshouse blends good looks with practicality, and will make a striking focal point for any garden.

Fully glazed with toughened safety glass, it comes with five sets of wooden staging for your pot plants.

Three opening windows at the top provide plenty of ventilation, and there is also an integral wooden floor in an attractive hexagonal design.

The timber frame has been smooth planed and pressure treated for long life and low maintenance, ready for you to paint if you wish. A home assembly option is available.

  Forest Garden's glasshouse  
  Wall greenhouse  

Small greenhouses

A compact greenhouse can be ideal where space is limited. Our popular Victorian tall wall greenhouse now includes a backing panel, so you can position it anywhere in your garden. It also features adjustable shelving, two opening roof vents and double doors.

The clear panels are made of styrene - a tough plastic similar to acrylic - and are supplied already set into the framework, so you won't have to fit them separately. The structure is made from pressure-treated timber for long life and low maintenance, and comes with a 15-year anti-rot guarantee.

The greenhouse will be delivered unpainted for you to decorate as you choose. As it has no floor, we recommend placing it on level paving slabs or a patio to create a stable base. At just over 6'4" (196cm) tall at its highest point, there is room to stand inside. However, you won't lose much space from your garden as the structure is only around 2'5" (74cm) deep. This video by manufacturers Forest Garden will give you a good idea of its size and scale.

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Our mini greenhouse is perfect for a small garden or patio, with two doors, a pair of independently opening lids with props, and two internal shelves.

The base is specially designed to accommodate standard grow bags, and there is acrylic glazing throughout.

The timber has been pressure-treated for durability and low maintenance, and is guaranteed for 15 years against rot.

  Mini greenhouse  
  Large overlap cold frame  

Cold frames

Perfect for hardening off tender shoots, Forest Garden's large overlap cold frame has plenty of room for plants and represents great value for money. The overlap cladding gives it an attractive rustic appearance and there are two separately opening acrylic glazed lids, each with a prop. It is made from pressure treated timber, which needs no maintenance and is guaranteed against rot for 15 years.

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