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Forest Garden Log Stores  

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Why buy a log store?   

  Fireplace with open fire  

Burning logs can bring your fuel bills right down if you're lucky enough to have a woodburning stove or open fire - particularly if you can plan ahead and buy your timber in bulk.

This is where a log store comes into its own. Freshly cut, or green, logs contain a lot of moisture and need to dry out (preferably for about six months), otherwise they will spit when you put them on the fire. Their heat output will also be lower. 


Why not just store logs in the shed?

If you keep logs in an enclosed space such as a shed or in the house they are likely to rot, because there won't be enough ventilation. Small creatures may also decide that your wood pile would make a nice warm home! 

A well-designed log store will include slatted sides and a raised floor so that air can circulate in all directions, allowing the timber to dry thoroughly without going mouldy.

  Log store close-up showing slats  

What types of log store are available? 

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Wood store

We offer two sizes of wood store - both with raised floor, overlap roof, and wooden slats running across the sides and back. They are both free-standing and are ideal for keeping your firewood conveniently close to the house for easy access. 


Log and tool store

A log store with built-in cupboard offers some useful storage space for tools, gardening equipment and bags of coal or compost.

There's also a handy shelf for smaller items such as weedkiller or paint that need to be kept out of the way.

  Log store with tool cupboard  
  Log store with flip-top lid close-up  

Flip-roof log store

For ease of access, you can get a flip-top model with hinges on the roof. This type lets you flip part of the roof up so you can get at the wood more easily - a particularly useful feature for tall people, or those who find bending down difficult. The elongated roof section also provides extra protection from the weather.


Wall log store

Some stores are designed to lean against a wall or fence. A wall log store will usually cost less than a free-standing one as it doesn't have a back, so fewer parts are involved. Assembly is also simpler. 

  Log store leaning against wall  
  Pinnacle log store with logs  

Pinnacle log store

This type of triangular store makes an attractive garden feature, and would look good on a patio or up against a wall. 

The pinnacle log store is free-standing with a slatted back, so you can place it wherever you like. The overlap walls will let rain run off easily, and it includes a handy shelf for keeping kindling or small gardening tools.  

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Where should you put the log store?

Most people choose to keep their firewood near the house, for convenience. If possible, try to position your store in a sheltered spot facing away from the prevailing wind so rain is less likely to blow in.
  Two log stores against wall  

Is there any alternative to a log store?

  Shed with lean-to   If you don't feel the need for a separate log store or are short of space, you can buy a shed with integral lean-to where you can keep your firewood, garden furniture or other bulky items for easy access.   

How long will my log store last?  

  All Wonkee Donkee Forest Garden log stores have been pressure-treated with Osmose Naturewood, a long-lasting preservative that provides protection against fungal and insect attack. No re-treatment is required, and the timber carries a 15-year anti-rot guarantee.   Pressure-treating timber  
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