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Forest Garden Pergolas and Decking Kits 

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A pergola is a great way to get more out of your garden by providing a structured area for al fresco dining and relaxation. Wonkee Donkee Forest Garden pergolas are manufactured from a mix of high quality softwoods that have been pressure treated for long life and low maintenance, and come with a 15 year anti-rot guarantee.  

Your pergola will be delivered flat packed with assembly instructions and fixings. With the help of a friend and some basic tools you should be able to put it together within a few hours. If the pergola comes with a decking kit, you'll need to prepare a firm level base beforehand. 


What's the difference between a pergola, a gazebo and an arbour?


There is some confusion over precise definitions, but in general a pergola is regarded as a large, open garden structure.

It may be freestanding or attached to a house wall, and is designed mainly to provide a framework for outdoor dining and relaxation. There are upright supporting posts and most have flat or curved overhead rafters to encourage climbing plants. Some may have a more solid slatted roof for greater protection from the weather.

  Diagram of Ultima Pergola kit  
  Diagram of Burford gazebo  

A gazebo is a substantial detached building with a roof. It is often hexagonal or octagonal in shape, rather like a bandstand.

There are many different designs, but its sides are usually left partly or fully open to allow a wide view of the garden. Many have integral floors, trellised side panels and built-in seating.    


An arbour can come in many shapes and sizes, but is generally accepted to consist of a wooden bench seat with trellised sides and back which can support climbing plants.

Like the pergola and gazebo it is intended as a pleasant place to sit and look out over the garden, but is considerably smaller.

  Diagram of Sienna arbour  

Which pergola should you choose?

  Dining pergola with plant ladders  

Families should take a look at this modern Dining Pergola which is large enough for everyone to sit together and enjoy the garden. Made of smooth planed timber, its contemporary, minimalist design will make an attractive focal point.

Two plant ladders are supplied - perfect for vines or climbing plants such as clematis and roses, providing colour and fragrance. You can move the ladders to suit the shape of your garden, placing them on the sides or along the top depending on preference. The pergola is also available without the ladders for a more open look.


If you're intending to put it in a corner of the garden, the graceful  Radial Pergola could be just the thing. Shaped in a quarter circle, it will fit beautifully and make a great place for relaxation, family time or parties.

The overhead rafters are ideal for supporting climbing plants to add shade and fragrance, and the timber has been planed smooth for a high quality feel.

  Radial pergola  
  Ultima pergola  

For something both practical and eye-catching, consider the Ultima Pergola. This is a chunky structure which combines strength with good looks, and won't buckle under the weight of larger climbing plants.

Rounded rafters and smooth planed, heavy duty timbers offer a sturdy framework to support all kinds of climbers, providing an attractive focal point that will give your whole garden a lift. 

  If you've got plenty of space, a larger version of the Ultima Pergola is available. Measuring around 3.6m (10') across and with ample headroom, it would provide a great place for to chill out, hold garden parties or enjoy al fresco meals with family and friends.   Large Ultima pergola  
  Portico pergola  

To make a grand design statement in your garden, take a look at the new contemporary style Portico Pergola. 

With an impressive double arcing roof, it will provide pleasant dappled shade and make a beautiful focal point for relaxation and entertaining.


For a stylish feature that offers more protection from the weather, the spacious Venetian Pavilion is one to consider.

It has an elegant slatted roof that lets light through but protects you from the sun and rain, making it an ideal space for al fresco dining and entertaining. It is available either with or without a decked area.

  Venetian pavilion with deck  

Decking kits

  Deck kit  

Laying down decking has to be one of the quickest ways to transform your garden and instantly create leisure space.

Our square Patio Deck Kit measures 2.4m x 2.4m (about 8' x 8') and has balustrades running along two sides. With all components pre-cut to size, it's straightforward to put together and comes with all fixings.


The decking is also available with an integral pergola as the Ultima Pergola Deck Kit. There are two versions: the square 2.4m x 2.4m (about 8' x 8') model, and a larger rectangular kit with extended deck measuring 2.4m x 4.8m (around 8' x 16') overall.

The actual pergola is the same size in both cases, with just the deck area varying. 

  Deck kit with large pergola  
  Laying paving slab base  

What base do you need for decking?

Wonkee Donkee Forest Garden recommends placing your deck on a firm flat base such as paving slabs or concrete for the best results. To find out more, see our guides: How to lay a paving slab base and How to lay a concrete base.

If you decide to install the decking on your lawn, take up the turf first, make the area as flat and level as possible and lay down a polythene membrane to stop weeds coming through before you install the decking.  

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