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Forest Garden Planters, Raised Beds and Composters 

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Planters and raised beds can add an extra dimension to your garden, increasing your scope for growing different kinds of flowers, herbs and vegetables. And composters help you feed your garden for free. All Wonkee Donkee Forest Garden's planters, raised beds and composters are made from pressure-treated timber and come with a 15 year anti-rot guarantee. Most are supplied flat packed for home assembly. With a wide choice of sizes and designs, we're confident you'll find something you like.


Planters and raised beds

  Kitchen garden trough planter  

Raised beds and planters are a great way to expand your outdoor space, allowing you to cultivate your own herbs, vegetables and flowers.

Even if you don't have much of a garden, you can place a planter or trough on your patio or next to the back door to make an instant flowerbed or herb garden. The extra height will also help keep your plants safe from hungry predators.


Because the containers are off the ground, the soil will warm up more quickly in the spring, extending the growing season. You can also use different kinds of soil to suit particular types of plants.

And if your garden conditions are difficult - clay or chalk soil, for example, or heavily shaded borders - you can fill a raised bed or planter with compost and create a fertile environment straight away.

  Raised bed  
  Corner table planter  

Containers such as this corner table planter are ideal for anyone with back problems too, as no bending down is required. 

Many of these products form part of Forest Garden's Accessible Gardening range. This has been developed for people with limited mobility who may need to kneel, stand or sit to garden - so even someone in a wheelchair can still get out there and enjoy their hobby.


If you're looking for something contemporary to jazz up your garden, consider the new Linear planter range.

The sharp, clean lines of these containers are sure to make an impact, whether you arrange them in an artistic cluster or dot them singly around the garden.

Manufactured from durable pressure-treated timber and guaranteed against rot for 15 years, the planters are available in four different sizes: tall, long, double and square.

  Linear planters  
  Tiered raised bed  

Raised beds and planters can be decorative as well as practical. A tiered raised bed such as the Caledonian will add height, structure and interest to your garden, and give you a larger growing space.

The separate compartments also make it ideal for growing several varieties of herbs or other plants without the risk of mixing them up.


Slender planters - both tall and short - can be artfully placed to make an elegant style statement in a more formal setting, or arranged in pairs for to provide extra impact.

A big advantage of planters is that you can move them to different spots around the garden. You may want to brighten up a dark corner, or position a plant in the optimum place for it to thrive - which could be in the sun or shade, depending on variety.

  Tall and short planters  
  Sets of planters  

Some items, such as the Durham rectangular planters and York hexagonal planters, are available in several sizes.

You might choose to purchase them individually or as a set. They will look good whether dotted singly around the garden or arranged in an artistic cluster on a patio or terrace. 


We stock both modern and traditional designs to suit all types of gardens. You can paint your planter or raised bed if you wish, use woodstain to change the colour, or leave it in its natural state.

All the products have already been pressure-treated, so are ready to use and won't require any further preservative.

  Three planters  
  Potting bench  

Potting bench

This versatile wooden potting bench offers plenty of elbow room to work on your plants, along with a useful storage shelf. A slightly smaller and more economical potting table is also available - handy if you don't have much space in your garden. Both items are made from durable pressure-treated timber and are guaranteed against rot for 15 years.




Making your own compost is a great way to feed your plants, improve the quality of your soil and help the environment at the same time. Lawn cuttings, leaves, vegetable peelings, straw and shredded paper are just a few of the many materials that you can use in a composter - and you'll save money by making your own mulch from waste that might otherwise end up in the tip.

Ideal for keen gardeners, this large slot-down compost bin can be anchored in the ground by its legs and holds a generous 650 litres, with extension kits available.   

  Slot-down compost bin  
  Compost bin extension kit  

If your slot-down composter starts overflowing, our matching extension kit could solve the problem.

The pack consists of two grooved posts and three wooden sides, and all the components can be quickly and easily slotted together. You can add on as many extensions as you like. 


For something more decorative, this attractive yet practical beehive-shaped composter could fit the bill.

With a 74cm² base (about 2'5" wide and deep) it won't take up too much space, so would be ideal if you have a smaller garden or don't want to commit to looking after a large compost heap.

The overlap roof offers good protection against the weather, while gaps in the sides allow a free flow of air, helping to prevent mould.

  Beehive compost bin  
  Compost bin slotted  

If you're looking for a no-frills compost bin with good capacity that won't break the bank, consider this simple yet highly practical square wooden composter with slatted sides.

The bin will hold 400 litres of garden waste and is very easy to assemble, with the pre-notched timber panels just slotting together.  

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