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Forest Garden small storage  

  Small garden storage solutions  
  Big shed and small outdoor store  

If your garden is too small for a full-size shed or you just need extra storage space then it's worth thinking about a scaled-down version. Some of our smaller storage products  are only supplied flat-packed, but others include a home assembly option.

There are two types of cladding available:

  • Overlap

  • Shiplap


Overlap small storage 


Garden stores with overlap walls have a pleasantly rustic, traditional look, and offer good value for money. The walls are made up of horizontal overlapping wooden boards which form a series of sloping surfaces running down the sides of the structure. 

The simple but effective design lets rainwater drain off easily so everything inside stays dry. Repairs are also straightforward as individual boards can be easily replaced.

There are various types of overlap storage solutions available:

  Storage box with overlap wall construction  
  Large overlap garden store  

Large outdoor store 

Versatile and practical, the new large apex outdoor store offers 200 litres of storage space and is just the thing for keeping items such as tools, gardening equipment and even bikes close to the house. The back panel consists of solid timber boards for durability. At the front, shiplap tongue & groove panels provide extra weather protection.

The store is made from pressure-treated timber and comes with a 15-year anti-rot guarantee. Also available with pent roof.


Tall garden store

Ideal for more compact spaces due to its small footprint, this tall garden store with overlap walls offers 750 litres of storage. At almost six feet high it is perfect for keeping long handled gardening tools, outdoor toys or folding furniture protected from the elements. For maximum protection against the weather, the front is constructed from tightly interlocking shiplap panels.

The store is made from pressure-treated timber for long life, and is available in pent or apex roof versions.

  Tall overlap garden stores  
  Pressure-treated garden storage box  

Storage box

Our durable overlap garden storage boxes have a small footprint, so can be placed conveniently by the back door, in the garage or at the side of the house to keep tools, muddy boots or outdoor toys close at hand. With a 300-litre capacity, they will help you keep your garden clutter-free, and can also be used as a drop box for parcels.

Choose from a pressure-treated storage box (pictured) with 15-year anti-rot guarantee, or a dip-treated version with 10-year guarantee. 


Mid-sized garden store

Versatile and practical, this handy medium-sized pent garden store is ideal where outdoor space is limited. With a 600 litre capacity,it can be used to tidy away all sorts of outdoor items including gardening equipment, tools and boots. 

The side and rear walls are made from traditional overlapping timber boards, while the front panels are of a shiplap tongue and groove construction for extra weatherproofing. An apex roof garden store is also available.

  Pent overlap garden store  

Shiplap small storage

  Shiplap wall construction  

What's so good about shiplap?

Garden stores that have shiplap walls are particularly secure and robust, as the tight-fitting wooden panels interlock for superior strength and protection against the weather. 

The timber is slow-grown for extra strength, then cut into boards and kiln-dried to reduce the moisture content quickly and evenly. This makes the wood more stable and helps to prevent it warping and shrinking later on. Various kinds of shiplap storage options are available:  


Large outdoor store

This new large pent outdoor store has a 2000 litre capacity, making it perfect for tidying away barbecues and larger items of garden equipment, or for using as a bike store or mower store.

The wood has been pressure-treated in a natural timber colour and comes with a 15-year anti-rot guarantee. A high quality green mineral felt roof covering offers additional protection against the weather. An apex roof version is also available

  Pent outdoor store with shiplap walls  
  Tall garden store with tools  

Tall garden store

If space is really at a premium, a narrow but tall garden store might be the answer. This high quality example features sturdy, 12mm thick shiplap walls and a zinc roof for extra weatherproofing.

The timber has been pressure-treated so you won't need to re-coat it every year, and it comes with a 15-year anti-rot guarantee.

With a footprint of only 81 x 51cm (2'8" x 1'8" approx) but plenty of height, it's perfect for smaller gardens. There are two shelves, and ample room underneath to store long-handled gardening tools.

The store is delivered flat-packed with all fixings. You can either assemble it yourself, following the comprehensive instructions included, or, at additional cost, choose the professional home assembly option.


Garden storage box

Strong but stylish, the shiplap garden storage box from Forest is perfect for tidying away garden items and protecting them from wind and rain. With a 300-litre capacity it is ideal for storing muddy wellies, tools, toys or your dog walking kit.

The box is made from pressure-treated timber for long life, and comes with a 15-year anti-rot guarantee. For extra protection against damp, the floor is mounted on tanalised bearers to isolate it from the ground.

  Shiplap garden storage box  
Small apex shiplap garden store

Small garden store

Ideally suited to the more compact garden due to its comparatively small footprint, the conveniently sized small garden store offers 250 litres of storage space. 

The store is constructed from strong shiplap tongue and groove timber panels which have been pressure-treated for long life, and features a traditional apex pitched roof with smooth-planed barge boards at the top. 


Mid-sized garden store

Designed with a sloping roof, this medium size pent store is high enough for taller items such as spades, brooms, furniture and scooters. The 600-litre capacity provides plenty of storage. 

Made in the UK from smooth-planed, interlocking shiplap boards that have been pressure-treated with an anti-fungal preservative, the store comes complete with a 15-year anti-rot guarantee. An apex roof version is also available.

  Pent shiplap garden store  
  Tall shiplap garden store  

Tall garden store

Made from durable pressure-treated timber, this tall garden store with sturdy shiplap tongue & groove walls offers 750 litres of storage space. At almost six feet tall it is perfect for keeping your long handled gardening tools, folding furniture or outdoor toys safe and dry. 

There is a felted apex roof, and the floor is raised up on pressure-treated bearers to keep it off the damp ground. A pent roof version is also available.


Wheelie bin hide


More and more of us are recycling nowadays - and sometimes there's nowhere to put the wheelie bins out of sight. They aren't the prettiest household items, and look so much better hidden away in a purpose-built container.

The wheelie bin hide is made from high quality pressure-treated softwood and has two separate folding lids, together with double doors at the front. As well as keeping your wheelie bins out of the way, it will also stop them getting blown over and potentially damaged in bad weather.

  Wheelie bin hide  

How long will my garden store last?

  Warranty sign  

Stores that have been dip-treated come with a 10-year guarantee against rot and fungal decay, as long as you re-coat the surface with a suitable preservative every year.  

Pressure-treated stores are guaranteed against rot for 15 years and won't need further treatment applying during this time - although you can paint or stain the timber a different colour to match the rest of your garden furniture if you wish. 

Click here for more details about timber treatment and guarantees.

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