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If your garden is too small for a full-size shed or you just need extra storage space then it's worth thinking about a scaled-down version. Some of our smaller products are only supplied flat-packed, but others include a home assembly option.

There are two types of cladding available:

  • Overlap

  • Shiplap


Overlap small storage 


Garden stores with overlap walls have a pleasantly traditional look, and offer good value for money.

The simple but effective construction lets rainwater drain off easily so everything inside stays dry. There are various types of store:

  Midi wall shed with overlap walls  
  Maxi wall store with tools stored inside  

Maxi wall store

A maxi garden store, or mini shed, is just the thing for keeping things that you use regularly - tools, recycling bins and so on - close to the house. This is not only convenient, but also more secure than having them at the end of the garden. The doors are ledged and partially braced for extra strength.

The maxi wall store is available in dip-treated or pressure-treated timber.


Bike store

No longer does your bicycle have to clutter up the hallway or be left to lean against an outside wall in all weathers. Instead you can keep it safe, dry and ready to use in a specially designed store. Strong ledged and braced double doors open out across almost its whole length, so it's easy to get bikes in and out, and you can put a padlock on for extra security.

The bike store is available in both dip-treated and pressure-treated versions.

  Bike store  
  Pent tool store and midi wall store  

Tool store

Long-handled tools can be tucked away in a freestanding tool store (available in a choice of dip or pressure treated timber) or a wall store that is designed to be attached to the house or garage wall.

The pent roof on each one ensures that rain will run straight off, keeping the contents safe and dry.


Mower store

A convenient mower store will keep your lawnmower and other garden equipment secure, and the sloping pent roof means you can position it up against a wall or fence if desired.

The double doors open up across the whole of the front, making access straightforward.

  Mower store with double doors  
  Tool chest  

Tool chest

Smaller pieces of equipment can be stored close to hand in a handy tool chest by the back door, in the garage or at the side of the house. There is a handy prop to keep the lid up so you can use both hands to lift heavy items.

This type features a watertight felted roof and rustic-looking overlap walls that let rain run off quickly.

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Shiplap small storage


Garden stores that have shiplap walls are particularly secure and robust, as the tight-fitting wooden panels interlock for superior strength and protection against the weather.

Two different kinds of shiplap storage options are available: a tall garden store, and a garden chest.  

  Shiplap wall construction  
  Tall garden store with tools  

Tall garden store

If space is really at a premium, a tall but narrow garden store might be the answer. This high quality example features sturdy, 12mm thick shiplap walls and a zinc roof for extra weatherproofing.

The timber has been pressure-treated so you won't need to re-coat it every year, and it comes with a 15-year anti-rot guarantee.

With a footprint of only 81 x 51cm (2'8" x 1'8" approx) but plenty of height, it's perfect for smaller gardens. There are two shelves, and ample room underneath to store long-handled gardening tools.


Garden chest

Alternatively, a traditional garden chest is a convenient place to keep smaller tools and other paraphernalia such as seeds and bags of compost.

The shiplap walls and green mineral felted roof ensure that rain and wind won't penetrate, and a panel on the front can be removed for easy access.

  Garden store with tools inside  

Wheelie bin hide

  Wheelie bin hide  

More and more of us are recycling nowadays - and sometimes there's nowhere to put the wheelie bins out of sight. They aren't the prettiest household items, and look so much better hidden away in a purpose-built container.

The wheelie bin hide is made from high quality pressure-treated softwood and has two separate folding lids, together with double doors at the front. As well as keeping your wheelie bins out of the way, it will also stop them getting blown over and potentially damaged in bad weather.


How long will my garden store last?


Stores that have been dip-treated come with a 10-year guarantee against rot, as long as you re-coat the surface with a suitable preservative every year.  

Pressure-treated stores are guaranteed against rot for 15 years and won't need any re-coating during this time - although you can paint or stain the timber a different colour if you wish.   

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