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Sheds and Storage


Choosing Your Shed's Base




WONKEE DONKEE says it is essential that sheds are built on a solid, level base. Your base does not have to be larger than the shed, but this can have its advantages. WONKEE DONKEE does recommend that the best base to build is a concrete base.



 A Concrete Base  


Shed Bases Made with Concrete

For the permanent fixture in your garden, low maintenance and long lasting.


A concrete or paving slab area is left around the shed. This allows for easier, cleaner access and space to empty out items onto a hard standing area.


Paving Slab Base


Timber Bearer Base




Shed Base Made with Paving Slabs








Shed Base Made with Timber Bearers

Two quick and simple ways preferred by the DIY enthusiast, and for temporary structures - people who may be renting

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