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Sheds and Storage


Choosing Your Shed's Location

 Level Ground  







Level ground. The more the slope, the more the work.

 A Shed on a Slope  







If on a slope, ensure the door is on the side nearest the ground for ease of opening and closing.

 Gap Between Fence and Shed  







Leave a 600mm gap around the shed for access for treatment of the shed and fence.

 Connecting Power Supply  






Using your shed as an office or for hobbies, then you will need electricity for lighting and power. Site near to the house for ease of installation.

 Protecting Your Shed From Burglars  





Think about the security of what is stored in your shed. Site it where it is visible from the house. Fit locks and security lighting, even spreading gravel around the shed is a simple deterrant - sufficient noise when walked on.

 A Shed Afloat  






Nice thought, but no!

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