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Sheds and Storage


Erecting the Shed

 Two People  

WONKEE DONKEE suggests two people erect a shed, and can be assembled within a few hours.

 Wood Treatment  

Prior to assembly WONKEE DONKEE recommends applying a wood treatment to the underside of the floor for added protection.

 Shed Floor  

Position the floor of the shed squarely onto the base. Consider where you need to position the door and window.

 The Gable End  

As per manufacturer's instructions, fix the back gable end [a triangular portion of a wall between the edges of a sloping roof] and screw to a plain side. WONKEE DONKEE suggests not to fix the walls to the floor at this stage as it restrictst the movement when attaching the roof.

 Door and Window Section  

Using the same procedure, fit the door and the window section, ensuring they are flat to the floor and square. The door is normally already hung within the frame.

 Positioning the Roof  

Position the roof sections onto the front and rear gables. Square the roof sections with the building, leaving equal overhangs. Fix the roof and walls to the floor base as per manufacturer's instructions.

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