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Preparing a Decking Block Base





Ideal for rough and sloping ground. Uses either floor support timbers, posts or both to form a level platform for the shed.


  • No need to dig post holes
  • No need to mix concrete






  • Slots hold 50mm [2"] floor support timbers
  • Square recess holds 100mm x 100mm [4" x 4"] timber post





  • Provides support and stability



First row of blocks should be placed 330mm [13"] from front edge of the deck and spaced at 610mm [24"] centres.




Mark positions for additional rows every 1220mm [48"] centres.




Arrange the deck blocks in straight rows, ensuring they are flat to the surface. It may be necessary to remove the top layer of soil.




Using a spirit level to ensure the timber support is level, measure the distance* to the bottom of the recess in the lowest block. Cut a 100mm x 100mm [4" x 4"] post to length. 





For any deck between 762mm [2'6"] and 1.52m [5'0"] use the above, but you will also require a 50mm x 100mm [2" x 4"] bracing support. WONKEE DONKEE also recommends that the maximum height for this type of deck should be 1.52m [5'0"].




Attach the outer timber support to the 100mm x 100mm post using two 60mm [2 1/2"] deck screws on each side, at each connection.




Using a spirit level, check all timber supports to make sure they are level. Measure the diagonal distance between opposite corners, adjusting the timbers and deck blocks until the distance is equal. Once the deck is square and level, attach the remaining 50mm x 150mm [2" x 6"] timber supports to the remaining 100mm x 100mm [4" x 4"] posts using two 60mm [2 1/2"] deck screws at an angle from each side.




Attach the remaining 50mm x 150mm timber support to the end timbers using two 60mm deck screws in each to fix.




Position the remaining blocks under each timber support.




If necessary, cut further 100mm x 100mm posts to fill the gaps between your support timbers and decking blocks. Position and fix with deck screws.




Secure decking boards or plywood to the base to floor your deck.





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