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Preparing a Paving Slab Base


Use pegs and string to mark out the area for the base. Measure between opposite corners to ensure the area is square. These will be equal if the base is square.


Dig out the ground in the marked area to around 65mm deep. Remove pegs and string line.


Mix 1 part cement to 8 parts building sand for a dry sand and cement mix.


In the excavated area, spread this evenly to a depth of approx. 40mm and rake level.


Starting from one corner and working outwards, lay the paving slabs and tap down with a rubber mallet. Use a spirit level to check all the slabs are square, level, and firmly butted together for a solid base. Measure diagonals to make sure the whole base is square.


WONKEE DONKEE recommends using paving slabs 600mm x 600mm or 900mm x 600mm for strength, and for a slab size which divides evenly into most shed length and width sizes.




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