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Preparing a Timber Bearer Base




Use pegs and string to mark out the area for the base. Measure between opposite corners to ensure the area is square. These will be equal if the base is square.




Dig out the ground in the marked area to around 50mm deep. Remove the pegs and string. Spread approx. 40mm MOT type 1 stone [40mm to dust] and level. Compact using  earth rammer.




Equally space 75mm x 75mm pressure treated bearers, or as per manufacturer's instructions. Use a spirit level to ensure the bearers are level - if necessary, use a rubber mallet to tap down if necessary.



Timber bearers are laid at 90° to the shed floor timbers, i.e. if the floor timbers run from side-to-side, the bearers will run the length of the shed.

Check the position of the floor timbers, as this will vary depending on the manufacturer, and will determine the length of the timber bearer.



Ecosheet - this is an environmentally friendly, sustainable alternative to plywood made from 100% recycled plastics. Hard wearing, smooth faced and waterproof.


Can be glued and screwed, drilled and nailed, and doesn't cost the earth.




Fix the eco sheet to your timber bearers to provide a solid waterproof barrier to keep the shed floor dry and free from rot.


This or a similar product is available from your local builders' merchant.

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