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Recycling Rainwater

 A Rainwater System  




  1. Use Half Round Rainwater system 75mm or 112mm depending on the size of your shed
  2. Rainwater butt with rain diverter can only be used with 112mm system
 75mm System  





With a 75mm system the downpipe would have to go directly into the water butt through the water butt lid.






There is an easier way to collect your rainwater for the garden.

Read on!


Installing Rainwater Gutter and Fittings


To allow the water to flow along the gutter to the downpipe it needs a certain amount of fall. Fall is calculated as 1:600 [e.g. over a 5.0m length, 5.0m ÷ 600 = 8.3mm], this means the last bracket will be 8.3mm lower than the first bracket, at the end of the 5.0m length.






1. Fix first support bracket to fascia, under roof line. Run string line to the other end.






2. Fix stopend outlet when fall has been calculated.






3. Fix remaining support brackets in position along string line at spacings stated. Fix support brackets with galvanised or bright zinc plated No. 10 screws [prevent rusting]


1.0 metre bracket spacings for 112mm system

0.5 metre bracket spacings for 75mm system

 Downpipe Clip  





Downpipe clip spacings

2.0 metre for 112mm system

1.0 metre for 75mm system


Installing a Rain Diverter


Only available to use with a 112m Rainwater System.

For a 75mm Rainwater System direct downpipe through the lid of the water butt.






Push rainwater connector through washer from inside. Tighten nut on outside to form a seal.


If using a stand, place water butt on it facing the downpipe.


Fit rain diverter with square end upright and cut section of downpipe or fit in line with flow arrow on fitting.






The butt will fill within 10mm of the top.

When full the water will continue to flow and exit at bottom of downpipe.


If water butt overflows - raise water butt

If water level too low - lower water butt

[in case of low water level, ensure sufficient rain has fallen to fill the water butt]

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